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Created By : Natasha Dowling 2016

Greatness !

April 30, 2018

This week-end I had the pleasure to whitness a great woman win the great race. Flora Duffy demolished the field when she took the  stage winning all three legs of the World Tri 2018 in Bermuda. It was such a proud moment as I stood with my team mates from the U17 Nataional Squad. Watching this small framed woman tear up against world class Giants. I felt inspired and encouraged and my only hope is that my teamates would feel the same. It remimds me of the story of David and Gollieth. So small but so mighty. She had heart, determination and she believed. My hope is  that the U17 Womens National Squad would take a page out of her book. They not only need our support but they need to believe in themselves. They need to know that Yes these other teams have won but so can they! The only diffence is that we havent done it befor, but they can if they leave self doubt and fear alone and do what they do best!









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