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Created By : Natasha Dowling 2016

Hardwork Dedication

May 22, 2018

Today was a great day in the history of my life. I was awarded the trophy for the Most Improved player of the U17 Arrows team for Robinhood! It was great listening to what my coaches both thought of me. I can honestly say that I would not have gotten this far if it werent for them and my team mates. My coaches lent me the tools to be better and be more confident in what they have taught me. They preeched like we were in Church on  a hot Sunday morning after most games lol! My teamates will sympathize with me on this one. Yet we loved every min of every toungue lashing we got. We deserved it most times ! My team mates are simply amazing. They have learned to trust me which is something I didnt have a whole lot of exsperience with on past teams. They treated me like an equal! They knew they better or they would hear coach Todds mouth! Just Kidding lol! They supported me like a sister but made me play like a brother and never ever did they disrespect me ! They are shinning examples of great young men. I know that no matter were our paths lead us they are gonna be GREAT men of Bermuda! Who will eventually become great leaders each in his own way.I just hope they dont forget me! Well now lets not get too soft as coach Todd would say and get on with the task of playing quality well executed soccer next season. Also lets take this Champions league Title Home to the Hood! Robin Hood course! 


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